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Zig Ziglar tells this interesting story in his book Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World.  The Chinese [gardeners] plant the bamboo seed, water and fertilize it, but the first year nothing happens.  The second year they water it and fertilize it and still nothing happens.  The third year again they water and fertilize [it] and still nothing happens.  The fourth year they water and fertilize [it], and yet nothing happens.  But in the fifth year, in a period of roughly six weeks, the Chinese bamboo tree grows roughly 90 feet.  The question is obvious: Did it grow 90 feet in six weeks or was it 90 feet over five years?  A little reflection will make the answer obvious: It was five years, because had there been any year when they did not water and fertilize it, there would have been no Chinese bamboo tree.

     As a society, we are not very good about waiting.  Slow traffic lights, delayed service at a restaurant, long lines at the department store, and approvals from insurance companies on a procedure the doctor felt necessary ASAP.  These are but a few of the things that we endure day in and day out.  On Sunday morning, I awakened to the news that a mass shooting had occurred during the night in Dayton, Ohio.  Surely the headline wasn’t correct or was an old one posted.  After all, less than twenty-four hours earlier we were grappling with the news out of El Paso, Texas of a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Somehow the gunman in Dayton didn’t get the memo that you couldn’t have two mass shootings in the same day.  And yet, this is becoming too common and there are times that I am afraid that we have simply come to “normalize” such actions.  Have we done anything of substance to reduce these violent acts on innocent people?  In Florida we now have an armed officer at each school and some counties have given permission for their teachers to also carry guns in school.  But when a gunman is able to kill 9 people and injure more than two dozen in twenty-four seconds, what would the response time be for a single armed officer or a teacher?

Some will say that this is the age we are living in, but such mass shootings don’t happen to this degree in any other country in the world.  I know that gun violence is not the only issue confronting us and that mass shootings are only a part of the gun violence story.  But I am not ready to accept this as something that we will just have to get used to.  Jesus didn’t accept the status quo when He set foot on earth.  The establishment of a new kingdom was a part of His “to do” list.  It didn’t happen overnight but there were hints of it along the way.

So I will set my thoughts on peacemaking and water and fertilize until that day when my efforts and others will bear fruit.  Persistence, patience, and the promises of God!

See you Sunday,