I  hinted  at  the idea of such an outreach several times last year and the  response was  positive.   I  announced  it  to  the congregation this past Sunday during announcements and again the response was  positive.  So  here is the way  this  new  outreach  will  work.   Each  month  we are hoping to award someone in our community with a small cash gift of $50.00 in recognition of how they go about life with “a servant’s heart.”  This individual could be someone you notice bagging your groceries or checking you out at the store, a server in a restaurant, or someone in you community who goes  beyond the expected in caring for and about others.  It could also be someone in the church but since we are hoping to reach out into the community through this ministry, we need you to be our eyes.

We need for you to nominate these individuals to the Outreach Ministry.  We have prepared Nominating Cards that will be available at each of the tables near an entrance to the sanctuary.  You will need to fill out the required information and share why you think this person should be recognized with “a servant’s heart” award.  Part of the reason we request this information is so that it may be included in a letter that will be given to the recipient.  When you have a Nominating Card filled out, just drop it into the offering plate on Sunday.  Once a month, the Outreach Ministry will review the cards and elect one recipient.

You can nominate more than one person a month but only one person will be selected.  You may be asked to hand the recipient the letter with the gift enclosed, giving you the opportunity to tell them how much you appreciate their “servant’s heart.”  This would give us a much more “hands-on” approach to outreach instead of sticking a stamp on the letter and mailing it to them.

Since this is a self-funded outreach (meaning it is not coming out of the general budget), we are looking for additional sponsors of the $50.00 per month cost.  Already, we have the cost of four months sponsored (January, April, July, and October).  Since this is over and above giving to the General Fund, gifts need to be received in such a manner.  For this to work, we need for you to nominate individuals.  In your day-to-day business, you may encounter volunteers at various places, or a receptionist at the doctor’s office, who seem to have this uncanny ability of making peoples’ lives around them better.  Their infectious smile or their kind word makes you want to be a better person.

So pick up a Nominating Card Sunday, fill it out, drop it in the plate, and see what happens!  This is but one way by which we can lift people up!

See you Sunday,