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While it has definitely been hard to establish a rhythm to getting back into work mode after a 12-week respite, thanks to the intrusion of a hurricane, work appears at my door anyway. I must confess that sometimes it is overwhelming. Needs to be met are everywhere. I do know that it is not all laid upon my shoulders and I have long learned that if you want to give God a good laugh, tell God your plans for the day. In addition, there are those around me who are carrying even greater burdens than I. Still…

The world is a mess. If an area hasn’t been blown over or felt the tremors of the earth, it’s on fire. Protests over health care, protests over police brutality and racial inequality, protests over protests. A President who threatens to annihilate 25 million people and a President who promises to destroy the United States first. There is an uneasiness in the air and stress is high. On the local scene, we are seeing a mass exodus of city leaders and fingers are pointing. Meanwhile, we are taking our turn at “A House Blest” because there remain people hungry in our community and we need to begin preparations for the influx of Puerto Ricans who no longer can live on their island until the infrastructure is rebuilt.

Meanwhile the regional church of Florida is poised for a new day and a new beginning with a new regional minster. But still we struggle with how to bring more than seventy congregations together in unity while not requiring uniformity? Did I mention a reflection paper that is nearing its due date, a reflection paper on a book I have yet to read? So no, I have yet to find my rhythm.

Where does our help come from? Where can we find shelter from the onslaught of the storm? One option is to throw up our hands in despair and throw in the towel. Or we can turn to the One who can see us through the storms of life, who can still the waters of turmoil, and who can strengthen us for the journey ahead. As the body of Christ, we have but one option. We were created for such a time as this!

One of my favorite poets, Ann Weems, shares in her book Putting the Amazing Back in Grace the need for the Church to go back in its memory and relive the learning of our faith and then go forward in gratitude for the grace that is ours. She adds, “The good news is that the kingdom of God is not about what you want or what I want; it’s about Jesus, the amazing grace of God. The good news is that once more we can together be the Church of Jesus Christ and turn our hearts to the world that cries for help in Jesus’ name.”

As it applies to the Church, so it also applies to us who claim to be followers of Christ!

Glad to be back with you,