A Message from Pastor Ros 6/23/21

A window leaning against a gardening shed doesn’t add much to the world.  It doesn’t let light come flooding into a darkened room, it doesn’t protect you from the elements, it doesn’t allow you to view the world as it marches by.

When some people read the Bible and talk about their faith, it reminds me of this abandoned window. They refuse to let the light of reason enter into their thought processes. A fear seems to be present that the glass may shatter if new ideas are considered and old beliefs have to be set aside.

Even when the window is reclaimed and installed in a structure to fulfill its function, some refuse to actually look through it. Instead they focus on the tiny fractures in the glass or the roughened wood of the frame, and ignore the beauty and wonder that exists if they will only look beyond.


A Note from Pastor Ros 5/5/2021

I love to study the Bible using an ancient method called Lectio Divina (Sacred reading), which involves a lot of reflection and introspection about how the scriptures apply to my life.

But for my devotional time, I practice Visio Divina (Sacred vision), which helps me to see how God is revealed through the ordinary. I use photos from my travels for my meditations:

The process looks like this:

(Seeing God’s presence in everyday objects)

1) What do you see?

2) Search deeper

3) Where do you see God?

4). Pray with the image

This Yakima Indian mother was proud to show me her little son, wrapped warmly and securely in a blanket on his papoose board. With every movement she made, the little shells dangling around her son’s head made a tiny jingling sound. She laughed at my delight and then explained that the sound of the shells was to keep the evil spirits away.

What do we do when the evil spirits invade our lives? When greed attacks, when jealousy raises its head, when we are tempted to be dishonest or to tell an un-truth? It will probably take more than jingling shells to rid us of our demons.

My noisy shells come in the form of self-discipline…of making myself ask that tired, old question: What would Jesus have me do? If I remember to ask that one simple thing, I can usually avoid the pitfalls. But life gets busy, prayer gets forgotten, the Bible gets a bit dusty, and I forget to ask the question.

Pastor Ros

Welcome, Pastor Ros!

                                    Pastor Ros Springer has come to serve First Christian Church as our Part-time Interim Minister.



Pastor Ros has served the local church for 30+ years, retiring after leading the Bethany Christian Church in Lakeland, FL, where the church almost tripled in size with her leadership.  Since her retirement, she has shared her gifts and talents with six Disciples of Christ churches during their times of transition, and we are delighted that she will be leading our congregation for the next several months.

Welcome to you, Pastor Ros!


“And I welcome YOU!” she says.  If you are looking for a church home, a place where you can seek a deeper relationship with the Living God, this could be the place for you!  This congregation has rolled out the red carpet and showed such hospitality to me, so just imagine what they would do for you!  Deep Bible study, meaningful prayer times, service projects for the community, and sincere worship can all be found here, and we are ready to share these things with you!

Life was given to us for abundant joy, so put on your favorite smile and come check us out.  You will meet a group of people who dearly love the Lord, finding joy in their service and worship.

Peace in Christ,

 Pastor Ros