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This Yakima Indian mother was proud to show me her little son, wrapped warmly and securely in a blanket on his papoose board. With every movement she made, the little shells dangling around her son’s head made a tiny jingling sound. She laughed at my delight and then explained that the sound of the shells was to keep the evil spirits away.

What do we do when the evil spirits invade our lives? When greed at-tacks, when jealousy raises its head, when we are tempted to be dishonest or to tell an untruth? It will probably take more than jingling shells to rid us of our demons.
My noisy shells come in the form of self-discipline… of making myself ask that tired, old question: What would Jesus have me do? If I remember to ask that one simple thing, I can usually avoid the pitfalls. But life gets busy, prayer gets forgotten, the Bible gets a bit dusty, and I forget to ask the question.

May your shells jingle loudly every day!

Rev. Ros
(Your Temporary Shepherd)